Window glass replacement for all vehicle types and makes

A-Autoklaas has been in the business of repairing and replacing vehicle window glasses for over 12 years, so it really does not matter to us whether it is a passenger car, SUV, bus or truck. We quickly find the appropriate glass for your vehicle, agree on a replacement time and ensure that the glass is replaced quickly and with high quality.

Is it better to prefer original glass or a spare part?

The owner of the vehicle will probably only pay attention to the origin of the glass when asked about something similar. And that is perfectly normal. It is not important to know in which factory your car glasses are manufactured. All the more so because the name of the factory usually does not say much.

We calibrate the driver assist system camera

Newer vehicles have a factory-fitted ADAS (Driver Assistance) system on the windshield. When it is replaced, it is very important to restore the vehicle to its original condition and the camera to function properly. For this purpose, the Autel calibration device used by the A-Autoklaas allows you to quickly and efficiently set up the driver assistance system and make it available to the owner.

NB! A-Autoklaas gives a warranty of 1 years on replacement of glasses.