What to do when my car’s windscreen has become chipped?

If a car window has become chipped or cracked then it’s smart to see a specialist at once. We will take a look at the damage and repair the damage if possible, and you can be right back on your way. It’s the fastest, cheapest and most comfortable way to resolve the issue.

Get the window fixed at once

If you keep putting off fixing a window, then driving through a pothole can exert such a force on the car’s windscreen that the chip becomes a crack, at which point it’s recommended to outright replace the windscreen.

Changing weather conditions are also bad for chipped glass. When water seeps into the cracks of a chipped spot and freezes in cold weather, then it might, again, result in cracks and the only thing you can do is replace the glass.


A-Autoklaas provides a complete selection of services to help you resolve your troubles with glass quickly, comfortably and for a low price.